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Friday, December 29, 2006

A Very Kitty Christmas

This is a lovely Harmony Kingdom piece called "Gertrude Stein." It's a present from my best friend, Beth Anne, who lives in New Jersey. I fell in love with this little kitty in a gift shop in downtown Medford over Thanksgiving. She remembered and sent it to me for Christmas. Everyone should have a best friend like her!

The next present is a small picture frame given to me by my college bud, Roseann. Aside from its proshness that makes it special, part of the purchase money goes to an animal rescue group. Everyone wins with this gift!

Another gift from BF Beth Anne is this beautiful cat calendar, another item I squeeled over while we were shopping in Haddonfield (which is the most Christmassy, best place on earth to go Christmas shopping!) The cat illustrations are lush, but what I like most about them is the cats are ordinary kitties doing ordinary cat things.

When I was a child, several of our neighbors had cool "TV lights" in their living rooms. I always wanted one, especially the gorgeous, sleek black panthers with the jeweled emerald eyes. Guess what? I finally have one! It's another excellent present from David, who put in some elbow grease to clean it up, replace the cord, install a new light, and re-glue the eyes. It's a flawless specimen. Although it's a "big cat," it reminds me of McSkitterson stalking Dougie.

Humans made out well at Catz 'n' Ratz this Christmas, but the critter folk didn't do too poorly. The cats got several bags of treats in their stocking with the promise of a homemade catnip mouse to come. The rats will receive a new hammock just as soon as I get around to stitching it.


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