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Friday, November 17, 2006

Out of the Woods and Into the Night

Simone has greatly improved since my last post. The diarrhea has ceased, she's putting on weight, and she's more lively than ever. That little kitteroo has many happy years ahead of her.

Elsinore is another matter. The vet said that what came out of her during the enema was "not what he had expected." Her loose bowels and eliminating outside the litterbox have returned. We're not sure what's wrong with her. Basic old age problems and senility could be factors, the vet said. I'm going to explore it further after Thanksgiving.

Elsinore is five months shy of her 19th birthday. I know her days with me are numbered. She is in her twilight time...she sleeps a lot and stares out the window thinking who knows what deep kitty thoughts. She is beginning her walk into the night which we all take at some point in our lives; she is leaving me ever so slowly, inch by inch. Even the best of vets cannot slow time. I want to hold her tight against death's call, like someone grasping the hand of a loved one who's slipping over the side of a cliff. It's painful to watch, and despite what some may think, I know that she's aware of what's going on in her life. But for now, she's basically happy...she has warm, comfortable places to sleep, her appetite is good, and she gets lots of love from the people in her life. I hope her journey is peaceful and the memories she takes with her are joyful.

It's strange having two cats at such opposite points on life's continuum: Simone, full of wonder at every new thing she encounters, so full of energy and mischief; and Elsinore, a wise sage who has seen it all, whose energy is nearly spent and who seeks comfort from me as night falls...and whose purr, still strong and rhythmatic, soothes me to sleep on nights when my mind is restless.


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