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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Deep Doo Doo and Cat Chauffering

We've been fighting the Poo Wars here at Catz 'n' Ratz this past week. Oldest kitty Elsinore has had an ongoing bout of loose bowel and going outside of the litterbox. Youngest kitty Simone has rampant diarrhea. I spent my day off last Friday running poopy cats to various vets.

I took Elsinore to a different vet from the one she saw a year ago who said she had giardia. Treatment had no effect. So Dr. Slossberg examined and x-rayed her and found that constipation, not diarrhea, was behind the problem. So Elsinore received an enema, which I'm told she enjoyed very much (Not!) So far, so good.

Simone saw a different vet, one that David's family has used in the past. The good news is she doesn't have FIV, but the bad news is nothing showed up in her fecal exam. The vet thinks she may have eaten something bad before we took her home, and now she has a belly full of bacteria that she's trying to rid herself of. She's on liquid Imodium and Flagyl, but so far she's not showing any change. I began feeding her baby food today in hopes that it will be easier on her system than the kitten chow. She has pooped up every towel in the house, and we've already gone through two washings. Poor kitty. Please keep her in your thoughts.


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Oh we will send good poodie vibes and keep you in our thoughts to get betters ~Merlin, Shadow, KO Ko

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