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Monday, March 26, 2007

Catz 'n' Ratz 'n'...Hummingbirdz?

One Saturday afternoon earlier this month, I noticed that a female hummingbird kept landing in the wax plant I have hanging from the porch roof. Upon closer inspection, I saw that she was building a small platform between a couple of vines and leaves. By the next day, that platform was shaping into a nest. Later that week, two tiny white eggs the size of Jelly Bellies appeared several days apart. This photo was taken after the first egg was laid.

David set up a tiny Web cam in the vines over the nest, and we've been watching the progress of nest building and egg laying and momma's comings and goings for several weeks now. Despite the semi-public location of the nest, momma hummingbird doesn't seem too bothered by people or our cats watching her from inside the sliding glass doors. When I have to water the potted plants near her nest, she remains very still, and it's hard to tell where she ends and the nest begins.

The eggs hatched on March 25, and we now have two baby hummers. It's going to be fun watching them grow!

By the way, David named momma hummer "Elizabeth." The babies have yet to be christened.


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