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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dark Cloud

I feel like my little animal kingdom is living under a dark cloud that just won't go away. David called me at work just now to say that the baby hummingbirds are gone. Something, probably a crow or hawk, must have gotten them because I don't think a cat or other large mammal could have reached them, and they're way too young to get out of the nest on their own. Momma hummer is still coming to the nest, looking for her babies.

Momma hummer was building her nest about the time I realized that Elsinore would die soon. Knowing that new life would be coming to our patio gave me something to look forward to. I feel very sad now.


Blogger One of us said...

Oh, very sorry to hear about Elsinore and yer little baby hummers. We send furry purrs, foofs and snuggles yer way to feel betters soon ~Poiland tribe

12:26 AM  

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