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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lightening Does Strike Twice

What are the odds of this: another hummingbird is building its nest on our patio! It's only been about three weeks since the last hummer and her young'uns vacated the wax plant, and now another momma-hummer-to-be is busily nest building in the same hanging plant, only higher up. Word must have gotten out on the hummingbird grapevine that our covered patio makes a great nursery. Judging from our last guest, her nest is about half built, and we should have eggs sometime next week.

Well, I got some gardening done and planted some herbs, and we had one barbecue before the current feathery resident moved in. Now it's back to watering and dead-leaf plucking between her trips to the nest. You haven't been scolded until you've been scolded by a hummingbird for getting too close to her nest!

David has named this momma hummer Eleanor (the last one was Elizabeth). David is in the process of rigging up the Web cam again, so the photo on the right shows some strange ropes and stuff hanging off the plant hook. He's hoping to catch some of her nest-building activity and the eggs hatching this time.

Eleanor is registered at Hummer Babies 'R' Us if anyone is interested in sending a baby gift. :)


Blogger One of us said...

Oh more pictures of hummers, we can't wait to see the whole process again with a new family this time. ~poiland tribe

8:21 PM  

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